A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

In the year 2050, advances in propulsion and ai led to thousands of space probes being sent to earth like worlds around the galaxy.

Most of them crashed....

These are their stories.

cr@sh is a game made for the 2016 7DRL challenge.

Changelog - Added Quality of Life options

[f] from the main menu goes into "Aim" mode.

[tab] from the Aim mode cycles between visible targets. (As in, requires a camera on)

[t] from the main menu activates a teleport mode, which allows instant movement between probe compoents (for energy).

[tab] from the teleport mode cycles probe compoenents

Tweaked and rebalanced mobs and mob spawning.

Fixed several reported crashes and bugs.

This is a windows only version. Linux build coming soon. - Fixed issues related specifically to linux builds - Linux Test Build. - Fixed some screen sizing issues. .Screen size can be adjusted via the config.xml file. Ive tested it down to a height of 30, and looked like it was doing ok.


cr@sh_linux.tar.gz 20 MB
cr@sh.zip 20 MB

Install instructions

Windows :

  • Download the archive
  • Unzip the files into a folder.
  • Run cr@sh.exe

Linux ( Test Build ):

  • Requires mono
  • Download, extract and "run mono cr@sh.exe"
  • There are reported crashes with certain nvidia drivers, which I have been unable to duplicate. If you run into an issue, let me know @kitchstweets, or via a comment below. Thanks!


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this game is awesome !! kind of makes you feel like the thing, if the thing was an ever expanding space probe

My attempt at the roguelike

WASD instead of vi-keys?! Come on, we're not all on a QWERTY keyboard nor right-handed! :(

Can I remap the keys?

numpad works as well.

if I ever revisit this one i'll put that on the priority list.

People still have numpads these days? lol
I'm on a laptop, Surface Pro 3 exactly, no numpad.

vi-keys is my only way to go for traditionnal roguelikes.