A downloadable game for Windows and Linux


Assume the role of your favorite movie monster as you attack the city and beat off waves of police, soldiers and mad scientists.

Chomp was made for the 2017 7DRL challenge, and is a love letter to one of my favorite games as a child, Crush Crumble and Chomp!

Install instructions


Unzip the package, and run Chomp!.exe. There have been issues with out of date, or missing OpenAL installs. The oalinst.exe package will install openal, or you can download the latest from the OpenAl website.

This game also requires .NET 4.0 on windows.


Yes, the game has a dll and is an exe file, but it is for Linux. Please refer to the readme.txt file for instructions for running it in Linux.


Chomp! 21 MB
Chomp.tar.gz (Linux Test Build) 19 MB
Chomp! (7DRL) 21 MB